Cold Laser Therapy

Low level laser therapy is becoming increasingly popular for treating a range of conditions which chiropractors frequently diagnose. Damaged muscles, ligaments nerves and joints all respond to laser therapy.

When a laser is placed on an injured cell, light energy is absorbed which helps restore the damaged cells back to healthy, active cells.

How it works

It’s called Cold Laser because this type of therapy doesn’t heat tissue. It uses a low level laser combining a synchronous frequency of red LED light, infrared light, and infrared laser which passes through a static magnetic field. It is this specialised combination of light energy which optimises the healing response.

Cold Laser or Low Level Laser Therapy, improves the signalling within a cell. Cells are filled with ‘organ like’ specialised structures called organelles. One of these organelles called ‘mitochondria’ (which is in charge of a cells energy production) is believed to play a key roll in the healing response of cold laser.

Mitochondria are believed to have photo receptors (light receptors) which respond to light energy (photonic energy). Cold Laser Therapy improves cell communication between its membrane, nucleus and the mitochondria, which ultimately results in the mitochondria being able to produce more energy (Adenosine triphosphate or ATP), leading to better cell function, pain relief and healing.

Light energy cell effects

It has also been reported that Cold Laser Therapy may also reduce pain by increasing the production of our feel-good chemicals called ‘endogenous opioids’ which occur naturally in the body, and reducing tissue swelling by stimulating the lymphatic system, as well as having anti-inflammatory effects.

Norman Doidge M.D (The Brain’s Way of Healing)

Yes, we do Cold Laser Therapy!

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